Fire Doors

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and latched, these doors prevent fire and smoke from penetrating from one portion of the building to another.  This often allows people extra time to escape a fire. It can prevent a fire from destroying a whole building.  Fire doors separating the main part of the building from hazardous areas can be some of the most important of all.  Far too often, fire doors like the one pictured on the left are illegally propped open and could allow a dangerous fire to escape from a boiler room like this one.

there are many laws and codes when it comes to fire doors and life safety.  facility managers and building owners can't be expected to know them all.  let us come to your property and educate your staff to ensure proper safety.


The term "fire door" tends to refer to one of two things. Either a rated door assembly installed within a fire wall or a door that is in the path of egress during an emergency. Sometimes they are both. 

The photo on the right, probably looks familiar to most building owners and facility managers.  This is a label that has been attached by the manufacturer, giving information about the rating and requirements for this door opening.  This label should never be removed or painted over.  These are some of the most important doors in your building.  When properly closed


The picture on the right shows what can happen when a well meaning building owner allows security to supersede life safety.  At no point should a device like this ever be attached to an egress or fire exit door.  Quality hardware that has been properly installed and maintained  will allow free egress and keep your building secure.  We can work hand in hand with your staff to ensure that all your doors and hardware  are

maintained and installed correctly, now and in the future.  Don't let a lack of knowledge place your building occupants in a severe life safety situation.  Sometimes it's easy to forget even the simple things.  The photograph on the left shows a scenario we see almost daily as we walk through our buildings.  In an emergency situation, this pile of boxes could mean big trouble for folks trying to get to that exit.

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